One of the best parts about the Reno/Tahoe area is the great love of art engrained within our local culture. As a whole, our community works hard to uplift each inspired soul that enters its sphere, which is one of the best reasons to call this place home.

At Natasha’s World Jewelry, we strive to not only bring you the most beautiful and unique pieces from all over the world, but the most lovingly crafted pieces from our own backyard. We pride ourselves in carrying jewelry and accesories that not only make you feel amazing, but do amazing things for our community. By buying local, we are encouraging growth and prosperity for our family, friends, and neighbors, adding more jewels to our vibrant and ever changing economy! We are always looking to meet new artists who are passionate about making our community feel beautiful. Much like fashion, nothing is more profound than the glow art can give to someone who has found and harnessed it’s spark.

Come in and see us at the Meadowood Mall today to take a look at all of our local pieces as well as those curated from all around the world!