New Spring Collection from UNOde50

How many pieces is too many? We don’t think there is such thing, especially with understated pieces from UnoDe50! Everything matches so why not throw on a few at once? Come check out our great selection in the Meadowood Mall today and pick up a ring (or two or three!) from our new spring collections!


What is your birthstone? March babies are given the Aquamarine. Birthstones are more than just beautiful gems that adorn jewelry and accessories. These stones have special meanings and symbolize certain personalities. We love birthstones as a meaningful gift or a self-adorned symbol of individuality!


How cute is this?! The ultimate way to upcycle all of those old EOS lipbalm containers and create the perfect purse friendly earring storage box. These little things are perfect for traveling or switching your office earrings out to your date night earrings while you’re on the go! 


“If you wish to be a warrior prepare to get broken, if you wish to be an explorer prepare to get lost, and if you wish to be a lover prepare to be both.” – Daniel Saint. Samantha Tolkien is wearing new UNOde50 designs from Natasha’s World Jewelry, photographed by Clayton Beck (Clayton Beck Creative.)

Sazerac Reno

Spotted: Samantha Tolkien and Brittnee Stanley wearing hand-crafted necklaces by Firefly, Brittnee and Leisha Love wearing earrings by UNOde50, and Leisha wearing new UNOde50 necklaces. All from Natasha’s World Jewelry! Photograph by Clayton Beck for Sazerac Reno. Additional fashion from theChocolate Walrus Boutique. Special thanks to Jayme Ward for hair and makeup and De La … Continue reading Sazerac Reno


Have you heard of Orocal? This gold specialist group mines in the high Sierra Mountains for some of the highest grade natural gold found in the world! This gold and gold quartz is then transformed in to one-of-a-kind jewelry. A perfect gift from the heart of Gold Country! Natasha’s World Jewelry is one of only … Continue reading Orocal