Natasha presents the new UNOde50 Collections – Spring / Summer 2021

Jewelry to me has always been a personal reflection of who you are and the statement you want to make to the world.

Jewelry can be sentimental, romantic, or a memento from a special time. It is a gift we can give to others or a wonderful gift we can give to ourselves.

And even after 40 years of dedicating my life to beautiful jewelry, helping people to find special pieces for themselves and their loved ones still brings me a joy unlike any other.

My jewelry travels have taken me all over the world, but one of the most memorable trips was 6 years ago to visit the design studio for UNOde50. (Pronounced in the Spanish fashion: “Uno De Cincuenta”)

As a jewelry fan it is always heart warming and inspiring to find a design team that sees beyond the retail experience to create wearable art.

If you spend long enough in the jewelry industry you begin to see the true craftsmanship that is required to make a designer truly “artisan.” It’s not a label I take lightly and not a distinction to be used for just anyone!
Artisan designers are distinguished by their dedication to hand-crafted creations, infusing each piece with their own personal energies and style.

UNOde50 is one brand that has taken the artisan approach to heart in a way that shines through in each piece of jewelry they create.


UNOde50 specializes in artistic metalwork in sterling silver and gold mixed with Swarovski gemstones for a distinguished blend of natural textures with polished design elements.

I was very fortunate to see the hands on approach to designing and creating this jewelry.

In meeting with the artists, the owner, and the team that hand crafts each piece I felt the passion and heart of UNOde50 and wanted to bring it back to my customers, clients, and friends.

And now, just a few years later, UNOde50 is now one of my most popular and in-demand designers at Natasha’s World Jewelry! And still releasing amazing designs every season and gaining new fans all over the world.

This Saturday April 24th I am hosting my annual spring designer showcase and trunk show event featuring all the latest and greatest from #UNOde50.

I hope you will join us from 12noon – 4pm at Natasha’s World Jewelry inside the Meadwood Mall for one of our most beloved events of the year!

Natashas World Jewelry Natasha Bayt UNOde50 madrid spain Reno NV fine jewelry store
Natashas World Jewelry Natasha Bayt UNOde50 Reno NV fine jewelry store Clayton Beck Photography 775media 001
Natashas World Jewelry SS 2021 Threads of Life Madrid Spain UNOde50 005
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Natashas World Jewelry SS 2021 Threads of Life Madrid Spain UNOde50 001
Natashas World Jewelry SS2021 Trunk Show New Collection Debut

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